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GUTsy™ Crackers (4 Bags) - Italian Flavor [PRE-ORDER]

GUTsy™ Crackers (4 Bags) - Italian Flavor [PRE-ORDER]

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Taking Pre-Orders Now

5% DISCOUNT when you order 4 bags at a time.

Get 4 bags (2.2 oz. per bag) of our delicious GUTsy™ Crackers - Italian flavor.

All natural, vegan with only premium ingredients and nothing that is bad for you. All GUTsy™ products are gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar free, with no preservatives. High protein and low carbs (net). They contain allulose as a low glycemic sweetener.

Hint: Due to their high dietary fiber content and delicious taste, GUTsy Crackers make excellent snacks or occasional meal replacements for those on the go. Unlike regular snack crackers, these are very filling, good for you and improve your gut health!


Recommended Usage: One bag of crackers (1 serving) per day for 10 days. 

Maintenance: 1 serving every 2-3 days thereafter.


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