While I don't have an issue with digestion and wouldn't buy them in order to "go", I see them as a great alternative to a protein bar, or the other "health" cookies out there in the market that are packed with sugar and calories. They were really tasty, and I like how the calorie and sugar count was low but dietary fiber was high.


I have struggled my entire adult life with constipation... I have tried every OTC product in a failed attempt to gain regularity... Not only are these cookies delicious, but they have really worked to regulate my gut without the side effects of bloating, gas, or diarrhea.


I recently changed to a gluten-free diet. Until finding these cookies, I was forlorn at the lack of great tasting food. I have no idea how something with no sugar, no dairy and no gluten can taste so amazing but these cookies really do!


Despite my daily oatmeal and other high fibre foods, I increasingly developed problems in the loo. External fibre supplements caused bloating, and I did not want to rely on laxatives, so when I found a cookie that tasted great and was perfect with a cut of tea or coffee AND made me run like clockwork, I felt young again! The bonus is all the probiotic and micronutrient benefits from a cookie that makes me feel good. I cannot recommend this product enough!