crafted from love & service

ima wellness™ was created for those seeking balance. In today's stressful world, our digestive systems are working hard to try to keep up - throw in things like medication, dehydration, poor diet, and illness and you really have to be working on your moves™ to keep your body balanced. Our snacks are thoughtfully crafted to help with that.

Our mission began in efforts to help improve the quality of life for a loved one undergoing chemotherapy. We set out to create a snack that was not loaded with sugar or gut-destroying alcohols, that would provide nutritional value from high-quality ingredients and help with balancing the digestive system. Realizing that there is a great digestive imbalance amongst people of all ages today with a dire need for balance, ima wellness™ came to life to serve tummies and tastebuds everywhere.
Let us be the gentle reminder to seek balance, take that breath of fresh air, and get working on your moves™.