imawellness™ cookies are FUNCTIONAL cookies. These cookies are created with the specific purpose of making your GUT HAPPY & your digestive track HEALTHY. They are delicious and nutritious while working on your MOVES! Each cookie contains between 11-14 grams of complete protein (depending on the flavor).
Yes, all imawellness™ products are free of added sugar. They are sweetened with Monkfruit extract and allulose. Our snacks are packed with delicious, naturally nutritious ingredients and never contain any sugars or gut-destroying sugar alcohols. Some of our products do contain dried fruits, so please refer to our ingredients list on each product. We are proud that our cookies and all other products to come fit into the dietary restrictions of most.
Yes, all imawellness™ products are gluten free. Our products are produced in a gluten free facility.
Yes, all imawellness™ products are 100% plant based.
We only use tree nuts such as almond, coconut, and walnut. However, we do not use nuts in all of our snacks. Please refer to our ingredients list on each product.
The cookies themselves are not Kosher certified, however, our products are 100% plant based. Our ingredients are of the highest quality and kosher and organic certified in the USA (where applicable).
imawellness™ cookies and all other products to come are and will be made in the Hill Country of Texas. They are made in a gluten free facility.
We currently ship within the continental United States.
All orders are shipped in 5 business days, unless we are out of stock.
Shipped based on the weight/distance. Shipping cost will be calculated automatically at checkout.
Unfortunately, due to our cookies being a perishable food item, once they are shipped we cannot accept returns. We do stand behind our cookies, if you are not satisfied, please email info@imawellness or call 210 201-5055 so we can better serve you.
Only if you want us to send emails periodically. We know life should be more than deleting unwanted emails! We respect you and your time.
imawellness™ cookies have a shelf life of 3-6 months; however, you can freeze them in a freezer bag for a longer shelf life.
Each box contains 8 cookies.
For most people it takes about a week. For some it can take up to two weeks to achieve good digestive health.
We have not encountered any side effects.
Ingredient lists and nutritional information are available on each products page.
As often as you like. However, we recommend 1 a day but 2 will be fine.
Yes, our snacks can be consumed by people of all ages. They are nutritious, vegan, plant based, sugar free and gluten free.
We currently have 1 flavor, chocolate chip, with 2 more, almond apricot and lemon poppy coming soon. Crackers and other items are planned as well!